Macintosh PC Repair

FireFold Tech and Repair offers Macintosh PC Repair at affordable prices.
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Computer Diagnostic $29.99
The technician will perform a series of scans and inspections that will assess the health of the computer’s hardware and software as well search for any discrepancies. If a discrepancy is found, the technician will investigate the cause of the issue and determine an appropriate solution for the computer. At this point, the customer is contacted and, per their approval, the technician will begin the necessary work to fixing the diagnosed issue. The diagnostic fee will be credited towards any labor performed on the computer.
Power Clean $59.99
The technician will perform a physical cleaning of the client’s computer. This includes removal of built-up dust, grime, oil, and dirt. The technician will also perform a physical inspection of the computer to ensure proper air-flow, cooling, and performance; ensuring the longevity of the machine. In addition, the technician will inspect the hardware for any external signs of damage or discrepancy and inform the client.
Data Transfer $104.99
The technician will transfer all personal client files to an external memory storage device, such as a flash drive or external hard drive. If the client does not provide an external storage device, one can be purchased at an additional price. Price of the transfer is determined by the amount of data in bytes that the client needs transferred. Note that not all aspects of software can be transferred; only client’s personal files, folders, and favorites can be transferred.
Password Reset $49.99
If a client needs to have a password removed from their user profile, the technician is capable of doing so. Note that BIOS passwords cannot be removed. The rate applies to any and all user profiles on the computer that require a password removal.
Full Tune-Up $89.99
The technician will perform a full software cleaning and optimization. This includes the scanning and removal of malicious software such as viruses or malware. In addition, the technician will adjust commonly utilized applications like internet browsers, Windows startup configurations, and task scheduler entries for improved performance and functionality. The tune-up also includes the potential installation of basic hardware to improve computer performance, such as RAM, if applicable.
Os Installation $104.99
The technician will reinstall the operating system of the computer. This restores the computer to factory settings and removes any possible viruses that have propagated beyond the point of a Tune-up removal. If the client has any data on the computer, it must be transferred before the reinstallation to prevent loss. Pricing for data backup follows the Data Transfer guidelines. Note that any programs that do not come with the native Operating System will need to be reinstalled. CD keys, license keys, and physical discs must be provided for the technician to install aftermarket programs.
D/C Jack Replacement $99.99
The technician will replace the defective or loose D/C jack on a client’s laptop with a new, working model. This repair is effective if the client’s laptop is having difficulties charging the battery; the power cord feels loose in the jack, or the laptop is not charging at all. Pricing for a D/C jack replacement is determined by the labor required to install the new jack, determined by the model of the laptop. If the labor exceeds the standard pricing, additional labor charges will be added to the repair which will be discussed with the client.
Motherboard Re-Flow $119.99
The technician will attempt reflow the client’s motherboard or video card as a final attempt to fix a hardware issue affecting the client’s computer. This process involves the complete removal, cleaning, and re-soldering of the client’s motherboard and/or video card. If the reflow is unsuccessful in resolving the client’s issue, there is a 50 percent charge on the job due to the extensive labor involved in this repair. If the reflow is successful, then the client will be billed for the full amount.